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11.19.11 Glitter Gradient Tutorial

Quite a few people have been asking how I do my glitter gradient nails.  Super easy!  My favorite nail art are the ones that don’t require you to be precise.  There are many ways to do this, this is my way.

1. You’ll need a basecoat, base polish, fine glitter polish, chunky glitter polish, top coat, make up sponge, nail polish remover and angled nail brush.  I used Orly Bonder, Orly Rococo A Go-Go, Wet N Wild The Gold and the Beautiful, Sally’s Girl Mini Gold Glitter, and Seche Vite for this manicure.

2. Apply your basecoat and then your base color.  Use however many coats of your color polish to receive desired look.  Wait a few minutes until dry (it can be mostly dry, not completely dry for the next step.)

3. Tear off a part of your make up sponge.  I used an old piece of scrap paper and drop a few drops of the fine glitter polish onto it.  I dip the rough part of the make up sponge into the fine glitter and dab it onto my nails.  When you apply it to your nails, start at your tips and work upwards.  You may have to do this for a few coats. Just make sure the majority of your glitter polish is at your nail tips.  You will get the polish all over your fingers while doing this- don’t worry, you’ll clean it up afterwards.

4. Then take the chunky glitter polish and again, dab it on your nails starting with your tips and working towards cuticles.  I just use the polish brush and use the flat, wide side.

5. Apply your top coat.

6. Take your angled make up brush (I bought mine for cheap at a craft store) and dip it into your nail polish remover (I used pure acetone I bought at Sally’s Beauty Supply.)  ”Paint” the acetone around your nails to remove all the extra polish and glitter.  Moisturize and enjoy your awesome nails!  (I didn’t clean up as well as I usually do as I was hurrying to take photos before the sun went down.)

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