Tarts n Talons

All nails are by me unless otherwise posted. My personal blog was getting flooded by my nail art so I gave my talons their own blog.

Here is my review for Mari Moon Hits Speciallita Multigirl nail polish in the boxed set Modern.  Modern includes colors Cutie Pie, Cool, Dreamer and Trendy.

Cutie Pie is a purple, pink, blue multichrome.  

Cool is a blue, green, golden multichrome.

Dreamer is the most complex in my opinion.  Royal purple, deep blue, gold, orange and red multichrome.

Trendy is a blue, green, yellow multichrome.

Each swatch is only one coat layered over L’Oreal Raven’s Strength.

Pros: Stunning, gorgeous, oil slick, chameleon polish.  I absolutely cannot pick a favorite.

Cons: Chipped within a day.  The brush is awful.  Flyaway bristles, thick, wide, gloopy.  The label on the handle wore off after only one use.  Will have to use a marker to relabel the colors.

You can see more photos on my flickr.

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