Tarts n Talons

All nails are by me unless otherwise posted. My personal blog was getting flooded by my nail art so I gave my talons their own blog.

These three polishes are from Vivid Lacquer's Back to School collection.

Vivid Lacquer Composition has multi-sized black and white hex glitter. I layered one coat over Orly Haute Red.

Vivid Lacquer Notebook Paper has multi-sized white glitter including white bar glitter. There is also red square and small light blue hex glitter. I layered one coat over NYC Sidewalkers.

Vivid Lacquer Sketchbook has multi-sized black and white glitter with itsy bitsy bar glitter and a subtle sparkle. I layered two coats over Orly Beach Cruiser.

All in all, these are fantastic glitters! A must-have for those who go crazy over black and white glitter polish (like me.) They’re for sale at Anni’s Etsy shop.

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