Tarts n Talons

All nails are by me unless otherwise posted. My personal blog was getting flooded by my nail art so I gave my talons their own blog.

This stunning polish from Vivid Lacquer is Spaaaace! from Anni’s Thankful For My Console collection. Spaaaace! is the answer for those of us who have limited success with galaxy nail art. This inky blue base is full of holographic gold and silver glitter, rainbow flakies, and tiny white and yellow hexes. 

I swatched it with 1 and 2 coats and also attempted a small galaxy over two coats of Spaaaace! (no basecoat color here!). It’s hard to see the flakie goodness that is in this polish but it’s very well named. Spaaaace! is full of polish depth and wonder. Get yours at Vivid Lacquer’s Etsy shop.

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