Tarts n Talons

All nails are by me unless otherwise posted. My personal blog was getting flooded by my nail art so I gave my talons their own blog.

Sinful Colors

Just recently it has come out that Sinful Colors nail polish has stolen nail blogger’s photos, removed the watermark and printed them in an advertisement and nail art tutorial booklet. To make matters worse, these photos that they stole are not even modeling Sinful Color nail polish. This is not okay.

What can we do? 

-Read more about this blatant copyright infringement at Swatch and Learn and The Swatchaholic.

-Contact Sinful Colors on their facebook and drop Revlon a note (Revlon owns SC).

-Sign the petition.

-Stop buying Sinful Colors nail polish and Revlon products. 

-Support independent nail bloggers. Respect their art, respect their photos.